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Greg Volker is a Minneapolis-based singer/songwriter/guitarist traversing a musical landscape filled with long, thick shadows and flashes of blinding light.


Sometimes soft and gentle and at other times jagged and raw, Volker’s music inspires comparisons to the honest and unruly magic of Neil Young and the sonic propulsion of My Morning Jacket and with his new project, Greg Volker and The River, he continues to expand the horizon and plunge to murky depths.


Their sound shares a deep reverence and kinship with alt-country bands of the 90s including The Jayhawks and Son Volt. At its core, American roots music remains the singular force uniting and guiding Volker’s vision with influences like Gillian Welch and Steve Earle.

Volker made a name for himself musically while living in the San Francisco Bay Area for nearly three decades. Before returning to his home city of Minneapolis, he toured locally and regionally, and recorded six albums with bands Deer Crossing, Dirt Road, and Gunpowder.

“The Bay Area just might have a new contender for the No Depression crown”
                            -Wendell Scott, Bam Magazine
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